Veterinary Malpractice Defense and Veterinary License Defense


Our professional practice includes veterinary malpractice defense and veterinary license defense in Maryland and in the District of Columbia. We handle veterinary practice management, statutory and regulatory compliance, veterinary business formation and business disputes.

In particular, Jeremy R. Krum, Esquire has been representing veterinarians in Maryland and in the District of Columbia for the course of his career. Mr. Krum handles matters before the Maryland Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and before the D.C. Board of Veterinary Medicine, as well as matters in the district courts and circuit courts. Mr. Krum also provides lectures and seminars to Maryland veterinarians for continuing education credit.

Our professional practice areas include:

Veterinary Malpractice Defense

  • Trial Practice and Appeals
  • Circuit Court, District Court, and Small Claims Actions
  • Expert Evaluations and Assessments
  • Fee Disputes and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Veterinary Licensing Defense

  • Maryland State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners Investigations
  • Administrative Complaints and Board Investigations
  • Board Hearings and Case Resolution Conferences
  • Board Appeals

Practice Management and Statutory Compliance

  • Veterinary Practice Act and Code Compliance
  • Practice Policies and Procedures

Veterinary Businesses

  • Business and Practice Formation
  • Business and Practice Disputes
  • Employment Contracts and Non-Compete Agreements

In-Service Teaching and Professional Continuing Education

  • Risk Management for Veterinarians and Veterinary Practice Groups
  • Veterinary Standards of Care and Professional Conduct
  • Medical Record Keeping