MD Court of Special Appeals Affirms Decision in Favor of Hospital

ADCVR attorneys Ben Vaughan, Karen Ferretti, and Kelly Hibbert obtained a decision from the Maryland Court of Special Appeals in favor of a hospital affirming the decisions of the Circuit Court for Montgomery County to dismiss Plaintiff’s claims and to enter judgment on behalf of the hospital. Plaintiff asserted allegations of medical malpractice. In a reported opinion, the Court of Special Appeals affirmed that the Plaintiff failed to comply with the Maryland Health Care Malpractice Claims Act. The Court of Special Appeals also affirmed the trial court’s decision to grant judgment in favor of the hospital for non-compliance with the trial court’s discovery order. Attorneys Vaughan and Ferretti represented the health care provider in the Circuit Court, and all three attorneys contributed to the brief filed on behalf of the hospital in the Court of Special Appeals. Attorney Hibbert argued the brief on behalf of the hospital before the Court of Special Appeals.