Eric Rhoades and Rob Maynard Obtain a Defense Verdict in U.S. District Court

ADCV&R Partners, Eric Rhoades and Rob Maynard, obtained a defense verdict in a medical negligence case tried in the U.S. District Court for Maryland over fifteen (15) days.  The Plaintiffs alleged a failure to timely diagnose post-partum preeclampsia in the emergency department that developed into eclampsia two days later.  The Plaintiffs claimed injuries in the form of a cerebral hemorrhage, seizure disorder, cognitive impairment, the development of debilitating migraines, loss of earning capacity, a significant need for future care and loss of consortium.  The jury returned the verdict on behalf of the emergency physician, the emergency medicine group and the hospital (all of whom were represented by Mr. Rhoades and Mr. Maynard) concluding that the standard of care had been satisfied by the emergency physician in the E.R.