“Curb Your Risk: Best Practices for Safe Curbside Consults in the Digital Age” written by German Rodriguez in Doctors RX, Volume 30, No. 1 (Spring/Summer 2022)

Informal Physician-to-Physician consults – also known as “curbside,” “hallway” or “elevator” consults – are an integral part of the practice of medicine. In One peer-reviewed survey study, 70.4% of primary care Physicians and 87.5% of subspecialists reported participating in at least one curbside consultation during the previous week. Primary care Physicians reported obtaining an average of 3.2 curbside consults, and subspecialists reported receiving an average of 3.6 requests for curbside consults during the prior week. A prospective one-year study in a large teaching hospital found that curbside consults comprised 17% of the clinical work value of the infectious diseases services.